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Hightalk Artist Photo - Music Producer form Memmingen

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Hightalk is an electronic music producer born in the south of Germany (Memmingen). His interest in music began early in school. Beside playing the trumpet, he explored different software and technologies for creating modern music. His early EDM projects were published under the name of DJ Reedoo, drumpibi or chuck-o-mo. Being a DJ in local clubs taught him how to perform electronic music and how to react on the crowd.

Building up his own repertoire was a big motivation for focusing on the production of music instead of the performance. This decision led him to the Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart for his master’s degree in audio-visual media with the focus on audio engineering. Since then, he was able to turn his existing interest into a potential profession.

One of his biggest concerns related to modern music is the level of loudness in environments where music is played. Besides setting himself a limit of loudness while performing, he tries to spread awareness for this topic.

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