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Hightalk – Made In Golden

I am really happy to finally release my EP “Made In Golden” after 2 years of struggling with it. This project started in the winter of 2018 in Golden, BC, Canada. I spent one year after university to travel through the country and enjoyed an uncomplicated life. I stayed in Golden for the winter season at Kicking Horse Mountain, which was an incredible time with lots of good moments and good people. The only downside was, I didn’t have my production stuff with me, but really wanted to create some tunes. In the end, I downloaded FL Studio mobile and created these three songs.
Back home I exported all the stems and edited them, which lead to this final sound. I struggled with it a lot, because the sound was so different to the typical computer sounds, but in the end, I decided to release these versions, and I am really happy. Thanks, Canada! 🇨🇦

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